NYCSHE is the New York Coalition for Sustainability in Higher Education.  The Coalition works closely with the SUNY Sustainability Coalition (SSC), a group that consists of sustainability officers working in the state university system.

NYCSHE is an affiliate of the Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education. (AASHE).


Mission Statement:

The NY Coalition for Sustainability in Higher Education unites representatives of higher education and supporting organizations with a common interest to promote and support environmental, fiscal, and social responsibility.


  • To bring together members from higher education who share interest, knowledge, and expertise and those that are in strategic positions that impact our sustainability policies, practices, and physical development.
  • To advise members on “best practices” within the field of sustainability.
  • To be a conduit for information about policies, practices and ideas, primarily to make them more affordable, available, uniform, consistent, and utilized in order to support environmental needs in New York State.
  • To become a voice on promoting the best interests of sustainability stakeholders with the New York State Legislature and the Federal Government.
  • To coordinate related activities with coalitions of similar purpose, on a local, regional and national level.


Members will adhere to advancing the following Sustainability Focus Points:

  • Become sustainability leaders in higher education, public and private enterprise, and the local community.
  • Become leaders in the development and promotion of sustainability education and technology.
  • Use economic, environmental, and social resources efficiently and sustainably.
  • Address current and future challenges to operations and growth, while maintaining the sustainable structure of each member’s organization.
  • Communicate and share each member organization’s successes and challenges.



  • Represent institutions of higher education in New York State.
  • Represent institutions from outside of higher education or peripheral to New York State, provided that they are engaged with issues of sustainability in the context of higher education.
  • Members’ work is voluntary.
  • No membership fee is required to join NYCSHE.
  • When promoting sustainability with government entities, NYCSHE remains free from any party or political affiliations.
  • Although NYSCHE members may share best practices and product or service recommendations with other members, NYCSHE remains commercially neutral and will not endorse any specific product or service.
  • The Steering Committee’s work is voluntary, serving one year terms which can be renewed indefinitely


  • The right to vote on matters of the Coalition is limited to active members from institutions of higher education in New York State. (Should we open to all members rather than just institutions of higher education?)
  • The Coalition votes at its annual meeting on the “Steering Committee”, which shall consist of no more than seven members, and will perform additional duties necessary for the operational existence of the Coalition.
  • The members may nominate themselves on the election ballot to serve on the Steering Committee.
  • New members are admitted by invitation of a current member and approved by the Steering Committee.
  • Official work of the Steering Committee must be approved by a majority of at least 51% of the Coalition’s voting members.

Duties & Responsibilities

  • The assignments for the work and activity of the Coalition originate from the members themselves with equal voice.
  •  Members schedule the meetings
  • Participate in meetings, reviews, preparation of reports and evaluation of proposals, concerns and new ideas.
  • Provide updates to the community on its activities, initiatives and achievements.