There is no membership fee required to join this organization.

Members of the Coalition represent institutions of higher education in New York State. Membership of individuals or organizations from outside of higher education or peripheral to New York State is encouraged, provided that they are engaged with issues of sustainability in the context of higher education. However, the right to vote on matters of the Coalition is limited to active members from institutions of higher education in New York State.

New members are admitted by invitation of a current member and approved by the Steering Committee. If you have been invited to join, whether it be at a NYSCHE networking meeting or by an individual member, please complete the form at right and email it back to . You will be notified of your approval via email.

Members are encouraged to participate in meetings, reviews, preparation of reports and evaluation of proposals, concerns and new ideas. Members’ work is voluntary.

In our role as a voice in promoting sustainability with government entities, the Coalition remains free from any party or political affiliations. Although the Coalition members may share best practices and product or service recommendations with other members, the Coalition remains commercially neutral and will not endorse any specific product or service.