Mission Statement

The NY Coalition for Sustainability in Higher Education (NYCSHE) unites representatives of higher education and supporting organizations with a common interest to promote, sustain and advocate for environmental, economic and social responsibility as envisioned by the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals.


  • To bring together members from higher education who share interest, knowledge, and expertise and those that are in strategic positions that impact our sustainability policies, practices, and physical development. 
  • To advise members on best practices within the field of sustainability. 
  • To be a conduit for information about policies, practices and ideas, primarily to make them more affordable, available, uniform, consistent, and utilized in order to support sustainability needs in New York State. 
  • To become a voice on promoting the best interests of sustainability stakeholders within New York State. 
  • To coordinate related activities with coalitions of similar purpose, on a local, regional and national level.


  • Serve as sustainability leaders in higher education, public and private enterprise, and the local community. 
  • Become leaders in the development and promotion of sustainability education and technology. 
  • Use economic, environmental, and social resources efficiently and sustainably. 
  • Address current and future challenges to operations and growth, while maintaining the sustainable structure of each member’s organization. 
  • Communicate and share each member organization’s successes and challenges. 
  • Connect our members to the global sustainability trends and concerns.