The membership of the Coalition is focused on sustainability personnel or those formally tasked with sustainability programming at an institution of Higher Education in New York State.  It is also open to organizations pursuing sustainability programming and are affiliated with higher education including but not limited to private companies, non-profits or government agencies. 

Membership is by individuals and institutions can have more than one member in the Coalition.  Only members employed in a higher education institution will have voting rights. Each member gets one vote.  Official resolutions of the Steering Committee and any committee elections must be approved by a majority of those voting.

All potential members of the Coalition shall submit an application form and this will be approved by consensus of the Steering Committee before being formally admitted as a member. 

No membership fee is required to join NYCSHE. 

For those wishing to become a NYCSHE member, please fill out the application.

Looking for a current NYCSHE member?